Re: Legacy Inquest funding


‘The continuing delay in progressing the legacy inquests  is a source of great frustration for the families involved and is yet another setback in their quest for the truth about what happened to their loved ones.


Despite the substantial efforts by the Lord Chief Justice and his office to move legacy inquest on, including  the recent review of these cases by Judge Weir in January 2016, we still don’t have any adequate resources in place to enable the establishment of a Legacy Inquest Unit. Although a proposal from the Department of Justice that a bid should be submitted to the British Secretary of State for drawing down of funding for legacy inquest has been provided to the Executive, it has yet to be placed before an Executive meeting.


It was anticipated by LCJ Morgan that such resources could have been released before the local Assembly elections.


This delay is a continuing breach of Article 2 of the ECHR and yet again the British Government, as signatories of the Convention, is falling short of their international obligations to progress these inquest within a reasonable time period.


The families will have no option but to seek redress to the High Court if this issue is not resolved in the near future.’